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sacred-space2.jpgSage Center for the Healing Arts is committed to a respectful, gentle and individual approach. Set in a tranquil, confidential and sacred atmosphere it uplifts the body, mind and spirit to a higher frequency bringing us closer to whom we are becoming. Focusing on Sacred Sound studies, sound healing workshops, and Sound Tools to purchase.


Sage Center produces ongoing workshops, lectures and events on the Awareness of Sound, as well as organizing national Sound Healing retreats  and Sound healing Journey in the South of France.

Hours Of Operation:  By Appointment: Every day of the week. 11:00am - 6:00pm 



SAGE ACADEMY OF SOUND ENERGY A yearly Sound Healing Training Course.  The mission of these Master Training classes is to explore the many facets and approaches to Sound Healing, from the cellular to the spiritual level.  

We will learn, train & study the use of the crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs, voice, drums & rattles.  The education being offered at the ACADEMY OF SOUND ENERGY will give  each student a high level of understanding in the practical therapeutic applications of Sound Healing.  It is a 88 Hour Certification Training Program. The year long study will culminate with a final examination whereby a certificate of completion will be given to each participant.  Please call Sage for more information, we have very few  available spaces left.


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JUNE 19TH TO THE 22ND, 2014:  


Learn the fundamental and practical use of Sound Healing to benefit your clients and your community.  This powerful journey into Sound will enable you to immediately add Sound Healing to your practice or to deepen your current work.

The internationally renowned faculty includes Dr. John Beaulieu Ph.D., David Hykes, Diane Mandle, Silvia Nakkach M.A.,MTT, Philippe Pascal Garnier,  Lea Garnier and guest David Moises Ph.D., Thomas Workman.

This four-day immersion in sacred frequency and resonance will empower you to make Sound Healing your way of life. Learn techniques that you can use every day to shift your perspective and your way of being.

Explore your connection to the universal energy source through the use of tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, and drums..


Sage Center for the Healing Arts: This unique facility is headed by founders: Lea Garnier with a background in Cranio Sacral Therapy and Philippe Garnier with a background in Sound Healing, Sonology, Sonotherapy. 

Sage Center for the Healing Arts is also the host of a variety of powerful healing opportunities representing by the most innovative practitioners, and presenters. Lea and Philippe often work together combining Cranio & Sound Therapy to deepen and accelerate the healing process. The combination of these two modalities offers the client a completely unique experience, offered only at Sage. 

Philippe has been assisting and playing sacred sound in many type of ceremonies. Weddings, Passings, and special occasions. Please call for more info: 845 679 5650. 


SAGE Center for the Healing Arts

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